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Survey Says: The Importance of Survey Data in Marketing


Survey data can help you understand who uses your products and services and why. Using this data to inform your marketing can improve your budget. 




There’s nothing more important than the opinion of the masses when it comes to marketing. After all, without the approval and buy-in of the public, it would be hard to get any product or concept off the ground.


But when it comes to getting these opinions, companies are becoming spoiled with choices. Do you go with the latest tech to help you check digital analytics? Do you set up a complicated system to prevent behavioral data? Or do you go with the old stalwart of any research company – surveys?


Although surveys may not be seen in print anymore, they remain paramount for all kinds of research. In addition, survey data and collection is alive and well online and can make a massive difference in the success of a brand.


Although some may consider surveys tedious and too difficult to parse data, survey research can introduce your company to a wealth of knowledge that helps you create a winning product. In addition, survey data and collection are not only accessible but can be invaluable in informing a solid marketing strategy.


Why surveys matter


In this high-tech era of analytics, customer satisfaction surveys sound almost quaint. Even with all the technology that allows marketing and research companies to find out exactly what consumers want and get precise customer feedback, sometimes it’s still best to go straight to the desired population and ask the question yourself. Suppose you’re looking for more decisive insights. In that case, you can append survey research data with behavioral data for an excellent overall view of how your customers think (their opinions or suggestions) versus how they act (what they tend to click on or buy online).


It’s not just small companies that use survey data to enhance their offerings. The importance of surveys is not lost on large-scale organizations, which frequently gather feedback via surveys to fine-tune their products. According to SurveyPolice, Apple, Verizon, Nest, and other big tech companies use market research and customer satisfaction surveys to find out what their customer base wants. And it doesn’t stop at the tech industry: LEGO and McDonald’s are also top organizations that use survey data to grow.


Types of surveys


There are many surveys, some of which may be better for your business than others. 


  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation surveys


Prominent survey methods


CONSUMER SURVEYS INTERNATIONAL utilizes the following methods of surveys for our clients:


  • Online surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Anonymous surveys
  • Paper surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Mobile surveys
  • Telephone surveys


No matter which of these survey methods, we send our survey to an appropriate sample size. If you sample too small of a population, you may not yield accurate numerical data.


Benefits of surveys for businesses


Surveys help businesses with the following:


  • Marketing strategy
  • Demographic research
  • Product testing
  • Customer feedback
  • Brand loyalty
  • Employee retention and satisfaction


Survey says Surveys are crucial marketing tools for small businesses.


Even with more in-depth analytical tactics, a business survey is the best way to get a clear snapshot of what consumers and potential customers seek. You can use our surveys at any marketing campaign stage: in the preliminary steps to help shape your strategy, during your campaign’s run to see how the public feels about it, and in the post-launch stage to gather feedback. Whether you use them for an existing product or a brand-new concept, don’t underestimate the importance of surveys. Their data can be critical to a development or brand’s lifespan.


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